Shanbao Jaw Crusher Parts

Sunrise Machinery Co., Ltd is ready to supply the spare parts and wear parts for below crusher:

Shanbao PE250X400 Jaw Crusher

Shanbao PE400X600 Jaw Crusher

Shanbao PEX250X1000 Jaw Crusher

Shanbao PEX250X1200 Jaw Crusher

Shanbao PE500X750 Jaw Crusher

Shanbao PE600X900 Jaw Crusher

Shanbao PE250X750 Jaw Crusher

Shanbao PE750X1060 Jaw Crusher

Shanbao PEX300X1300 Jaw Crusher

Shanbao PEX150X750 Jaw Crusher

Shanbao PE900X1200 Jaw Crusher

Sunrise has been in the crushing aftermarket for decades, and the available spare parts & wear parts for those Shanbao Jaw Crusher Parts include: jaw crusher jaw plate, jaw crusher pitman, jaw crusher bearing cover, bushing, jaw crusher cheek plate, clamping ring, eccentric shaft, jaw crusher flywheel, labyrinth, lock plate, main shaft, jaw crusher spacer, jaw crusher toggle plate, jaw crusher toggle seat, roller bearing, and etc.

If you need fully guaranteed and warrantied replacement parts for your Shanbao Jaw Crusher, Sunrise Machinery is your optimized choice. Through our application-oriented, site-specific engineering capabilities, our supply of Shanbao Jaw Crusher replacement parts from virtually any source has gained acceptance and the confidence of aggregates and mining operations around the world.

Sunrise has some stock of crusher parts for those Shanbao Jaw Crusher. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, our professional and friendly sales staff will help you to get the right items with full 24/7 engineering support and technical services.

Shanbao PE250X400 Jaw Crusher Parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
K3124-27 Bolt PE250X400
K3124-30 Side plate bolt PE250X400
K3124-19 Adjusting bolt PE250X400
K3124-35 Swing jaw bolt PE250X400
K3124-35D Fixed jaw bolt PE250X400
K31X04-37 Tension rod PE250X400
K3124-31/34 Toggle seat PE250X400
K3124 Adjusting seat PE250X400
Main shaft PE250X400
Bushing PE250X400
sealing ring PE250X400
Spring PE250X400
Spring seat PE250X400
K3124-22 Toggle plate PE250X400
K3124-32 Fixed jaw plate PE250X400
K3124-29 Swing jaw plate PE250X400
K3124 Trail PE250X400
K3124-C Pulley wheel PE250X400
K3124-12C Fly wheel PE250X400
K3124 Feet trail PE250X400
K3124-2C Pulley wheel PE250X400
Pressing block PE250X400

Shanbao PE400X600 Jaw Crusher Parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
K3103-16 Bolt PE400X600
K31X02.2-1 Bolt PE400X600
K3103-31 Bolt PE400X600
K3103-41A Tension rod PE400X600
K3103-HA-3 Bolt PE400X600
K3103-24A Bolt PE400X600
K3103-38 Bolt PE400X600
K3168-5A/12A Toggle seat PE400X600
K3103 Adjusting seat PE400X600
Main shaft PE400X600
Bushing PE400X600
sealing ring PE400X600
Spring PE400X600
Spring seat PE400X600
K3103-8 Toggle plate PE400X600
K3103.2 Fixed jaw plate PE400X600
K3103.3A Swing jaw plate PE400X600
K3103-41B Pulley wheel PE400X600
K3103-17A Fly wheel PE400X600
K3103 Feet trail PE400X600
K3103-8(S) Toggle plate PE400X600
K3103 Toggle seat PE400X600
K31X04-46 Pressing block PE400X600
K3103-15 Pressing block PE400X600

Shanbao PEX250X1000 Jaw Crusher Parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
K31X04-13 Bolt M24*465 PEX250X1000
K31X04-41 Bolt M30*480 PEX250X1000
K31X04-45 Bolt T32*6*450 PEX250X1000
GB37-88 Bolt M24*120 PEX250X1000
K31X04-37 Rod M24*815 PEX250X1000
K31X08-17 Bolt M24*105 PEX250X1000
K31X04-43 Bolt M24*315 PEX250X1000
K31X04-42 Bolt M30*600 PEX250X1000
K31X04-45 Bolt T32*6*570 PEX250X1000
K31X04-4/-8 Toggle seat PEX250X1000
Adjusting seat PEX250X1000
Main shaft PEX250X1000
Bushing PEX250X1000
sealing ring PEX250X1000
Spring PEX250X1000
Spring seat PEX250X1000
K31X04-7 Toggle plate PEX250X1000
K31X04-3 Fixed jaw plate PEX250X1000
K31X04-2A Swing jaw plate PEX250X1000
K31X04-31C Pulley wheel PEX250X1000
K31X04-16C Fly wheel PEX250X1000
K31X04 Feet trail PEX250X1000
K31X04 Toggle seat PEX250X1000
K31X04-19A Left flange PEX250X1000
K31X04-21 Left flange PEX250X1000
K31X04-23 Flange PEX250X1000
K31X04-25 Left flange PEX250X1000
K31X04-28A Right flange PEX250X1000
K31X04-22 Oil seal ring PEX250X1000
K31X04-24 Sleeve PEX250X1000
K31X04-26 Sleeve PEX250X1000
K31X04-29A Sleeve PEX250X1000
K31X04-12A Pressing block PEX250X1000

Shanbao PEX250X1200 Jaw Crusher Parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
K31X06-13 Square bolt M24*465 PEX250X1200
K31X06-45 Fixed jaw bolt M24*130 PEX250X1200
K31X06-44 Bolt T32*6*495 PEX250X1200
K31X06-46 Bolt M30*545 PEX250X1200
GB37-88 Pressing block bolt M24*140 PEX250X1200
K31X06-38 Rod M24*865 PEX250X1200
K31X06-18A Bolt M30*670 PEX250X1200
K31X06-41 Bolt M30*6*620 PEX250X1200
BSK31X01-21 Φ32 Nut PEX250X1200
BSK31X01-20 Nut PEX250X1200
K31X06-21 Bolt M24*385 PEX250X1200
K31X06-4/-8 Toggle seat PEX250X1200
Adjusting seat PEX250X1200
Main shaft PEX250X1200
Bushing PEX250X1200
sealing ring PEX250X1200
Spring PEX250X1200
Spring seat PEX250X1200
K31X06-7 Toggle plate PEX250X1200
K31X06-3 Fixed jaw plate PEX250X1200
K31X06-2 Swing jaw plate PEX250X1200
K31X06-32 Pulley wheel PEX250X1200
K31X06-16 Fly wheel PEX250X1200
K31X06 Feet trail PEX250X1200
K31X06 Adjustment seat PEX250X1200
K31X06 Toggle seat PEX250X1200
K31X06-19A Left flange PEX250X1200
K31X06-22 Left flange PEX250X1200
K31X06-24 Flange PEX250X1200
K31X06-26 Right flange PEX250X1200
K31X06-29A Right flange PEX250X1200
K31X06-23 Oil seal ring PEX250X1200
K31X06-30A Sleeve PEX250X1200
K31X06-27 Sleeve PEX250X1200
K31X06-25 Sleeve PEX250X1200
Pressing block PEX250X1200

Shanbao PE500X750 Jaw Crusher Parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
K3204-3-29 Bolt M30*590 PE500X750
K3204-31 Fixed jaw bolt M30*450 PE500X750
K3204-44 Side plate bolt M30*124 PE500X750
K3204A-03 Bolt M32*6*660 PE500X750
K3204-33A Rod M36*1120 PE500X750
K3611-3 Square bolt M24*150 PE500X750
K3204-37A/-39A Toggle seat PE500X750
Adjusting seat PE500X750
Main shaft PE500X750
Bushing PE500X750
sealing ring PE500X750
Spring PE500X750
Spring seat PE500X750
Wedge block PE500X750
Toggle plate PE500X750
K3204-1 Fixed jaw plate PE500X750
K3204-2 Swing jaw plate PE500X750
K3204-22A Pulley wheel PE500X750
K3204-4A Fly wheel PE500X750
K3204 Feet trail PE500X750
K3204-38 Toggle plate PE500X750
K3204-25A Pressing block PE500X750
K3204-30 Left pressing block PE500X750
K3204-28 Right pressing block PE500X750
K3204-9 Left out flange PE500X750
K3204-10 Right out flange PE500X750
K3204-11 Frame inner sleeve PE500X750
K3204-12 Oil seal ring PE500X750
K3204-13 Swing jaw sleeve PE500X750
K3204-14 Flange PE500X750
K3204-17 Left inner flange PE500X750
K3204-20 Right out flange PE500X750
K3204-21 Frame outer sleeve PE500X750

Shanbao PE600X900 Jaw Crusher Parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
K3126C-2A Square bolt M36*675 PE600X900
K3126C-28 Square bolt M30*190 PE600X900
K3126B-6 Fixed jaw bolt M30*460 PE600X900
K3126C-1 Side plate bolt M30*165 PE600X900
K3126C.GJ-1 Bolt T48*6*680 PE600X900
Φ48 Bolt PE600X900
K3126C-34 Rod M42*1560 PE600X900
K3126-02-21/-03-02 Toggle seat PE600X900
Adjusting seat PE600X900
Main shaft PE600X900
Bushing PE600X900
sealing ring PE600X900
Spring PE600X900
Spring seat PE600X900
Wedge block PE600X900
Toggle plate PE600X900
K3126-01-06/D/E Fixed jaw plate PE600X900
K3126-02-20/D/E Swing jaw plate PE600X900
K3126H-4 Pulley wheel PE600X900
K3126H-19 Fly wheel PE600X900
K3126 Feet trail PE600X900
K3126C-33 Toggle plate PE600X900
K3126H-28 Pressing block PE600X900
K3126H-29 Pressing block PE600X900
K3126H-5(revised) Frame outer flange PE600X900
K3126H-17(revised) Frame outer flange PE600X900
K3126H-5(old) Frame outer flange PE600X900
K3126H-17(old) Frame outer flange PE600X900
K3126H-6 Frame outer flange PE600X900
K3126H-7 Swing jaw sleeve PE600X900
K3126H-9 Swing jaw flange PE600X900
K3126H-10 Frame inner sleeve PE600X900
K3126H-11 Frame inner flange PE600X900
K3126H-18 Frame outer flange PE600X900
K3126H-20 Oil seal ring PE600X900

Shanbao PE250X750 Jaw Crusher Parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
K31X08-10 Square bolt M20*435 PE250X750
K31X08.2-2 Bolt M36*6*495 PE250X750
K31X08-40 Fixed jaw bolt M24*105 PE250X750
K31X08-38 Bolt M24*460 PE250X750
K3103-7 Rod M30*860 PE250X750
K3103-17 Bolt  M24*385 PE250X750
K3103-38 Bolt  M24*530 PE250X750
Toggle seat PE250X750
Adjusting seat PE250X750
Main shaft PE250X750
Bushing PE250X750
sealing ring PE250X750
Spring PE250X750
Spring seat PE250X750
Toggle plate PE250X750
K31X08-5 Fixed jaw plate PE250X750
K31X08-1 Swing jaw plate PE250X750
K31X08 Pulley wheel PE250X750
K31X08-14 Fly wheel PE250X750

Shanbao PE750X1060 Jaw Crusher Parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
K3206-2 Square bolt M36*180 PE750X1060
K31X06-41 Bolt M30*670 PE750X1060
K3206-15 Fixed jaw bolt M30*200 PE750X1060
K3107-22 Square bolt M30*190 PE750X1060
K3206-22 Square bolt M36*900 PE750X1060
Square bolt M36*250 PE750X1060
K3107-6 Side plate bolt M30*185 PE750X1060
K3107-24 Rod M48*1380 PE750X1060
Adjusting seat PE750X1060
Main shaft PE750X1060
Bushing PE750X1060
sealing ring PE750X1060
Spring PE750X1060
Spring seat PE750X1060
Wedge block PE750X1060
Toggle seat PE750X1060
Toggle plate PE750X1060
K3206-2B Fixed jaw plate PE750X1060
K3206-20B Swing jaw plate PE750X1060/PE870X1060
K3206-43A Pulley wheel PE750X1060/PE870X1060

Shanbao PEX300X1300 Jaw Crusher Parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
K31X10-1 Bolt M30*750 PEX300X1300
K31X10-15 Bolt M42*6*750 PEX300X1300
K31X10-8 Square bolt M30*550 PEX300X1300
K31X10-20 Fixed jaw bolt M24*420 PEX300X1300
K31X10-12 Rod M24*965 PEX300X1300
Adjusting seat PEX300X1300
Toggle seat PEX300X1300
Main shaft PEX300X1300
Bushing PEX300X1300
sealing ring PEX300X1300
Spring PEX300X1300
Spring seat PEX300X1300
Wedge block PEX300X1300
K31X10-2 Fixed jaw plate PEX300X1300
K31X10-4 Swing jaw plate PEX300X1300
K31X10-31ZT Pulley wheel PEX300X1300
K31X10-17ZT Fly wheel PEX300X1300

Shanbao PEX150X750 Jaw Crusher Parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
K31X02-13 Square bolt M16*310 PEX150X750
K31X02-37 Fixed jaw bolt M20*115 PEX150X750
K31X02-38 Bolt M20*425 PEX150X750
K31X02.1-2 Bolt M32*6*450 PEX150X750
K31X02-43 Fixed jaw bolt M20*240 PEX150X750
K31X02-4 Rod M24*685 PEX150X750
Toggle seat PEX150X750
Adjusting seat PEX150X750
Main shaft PEX150X750
Bushing PEX150X750
sealing ring PEX150X750
Spring PEX150X750
Spring seat PEX150X750
K31X02-2 Fixed jaw plate PEX150X750
K31X02-3 Swing jaw plate PEX150X750
K31X02-31 Pulley wheel PEX150X750
K31X02 Fly wheel PEX150X750

Shanbao PE900X1200 Jaw Crusher Parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
K3105.1-6 Square bolt M36*1000 PE900X1200
K3105.1-42 Square bolt M36*960 PE900X1200
K3105.5-1 Rod M48*1680 PE900X1200
K3105.2-16 Square bolt M36*1080 PE900X1200
K3105.1-2 Square bolt M36*550 PE900X1200
K3105.1-4 Adjusting bolt M36*470 PE900X1200
K3105.1-37 Pressing block bolt M36*210 PE900X1200
K3105.1-10 Side plate bolt M36*265 PE900X1200
K3105.2-2 Square bolt M36*205 PE900X1200
Toggle seat PE900X1200
Adjusting seat PE900X1200
Fixed jaw plate PE900X1200
Swing jaw plate PE900X1200
K3105.2-20D Pulley wheel PE900X1200
K3105.2-17D Fly wheel PE900X1200