Sandvik H8800

Sunrise Machinery provide the replacement parts for Sandvik H8800 Cone Crusher, not only cone crusher spare parts, but also cone crusher wear parts.

Sandvik H8800 cone crusher spart parts include: Cone crusher concave, cone crusher mantle, cone crusher socket liner, cone crusher bowl liners, cone crusher eccentric bushing, adjustment ring, arm guard, bottom shell, clamping ring, cone head, counter shaft box, countershaft bushing, counterweight & liner, dust seel ring, feed cone, head ball, locating bar, main frame, main frame liner, pinion, pinion bevel gear, protection cone, socket, socket liner, thrust bearing, torch ring, upper frame, and so on.

Sunrise Machinery provide the cone crusher assembly type items suiting for Sandvik H8800, it includes: cone crusher main shaft assembly, main frame assembly, counterweight assembly, adjust ring assembly, head assembly, eccentric assembly, bowl assembly, and so on.

Sandvik H8800 crusher parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
452.0317-901 PINIONSHAFT ARM LINERS H8800 H8800
452.0314-901 NARROW ARM LINER  H8800 H8800
442.9396-00 BEND-ELBOW          H8000 H8800
900.2199-00 FLANGE, PARTED SAE3000  4″ H8800
873.0129-00 O-RING 3.0X109.4X115.5 H8800
442.9248-01 BOTTOMSHELL BUSHING H8000 H8800
442.9539-01 WEARING PLATE       H8000 H8800
442.9539-02 WEARING PLATE       H8000 H8800
442.9540-01 WEARING PLATE       H8000 H8800
442.9541-01 WEARING PLATE       H8000 H8800
442.9541-02 WEARING PLATE       H8000 H8800
442.9542-01 WEARING PLATE       H8000 H8800
442.9542-02 WEARING PLATE       H8000 H8800
452.0313-901 BOTTOMSHELL LINERS H8000 H8800
442.8970-01 DUST COLLAR         H8000 H8800
442.9309-01 RING                H8000 H8800
442.9308-02 LOCATING BAR        H8000 H8800
442.9362-01 SHIM 0,1 THK(0.003) H8000 H8800
442.9362-02 SHIM 0,5 THK(0.02)  H8000 H8800
442.9362-03 SHIM 0,7 THK(0.03)  H8000 H8800
442.9362-04 SHIM 1,0 THK(0.04)  H8000 H8800
841.0256-00 CAPSCREW HEXSOC M10-1.50X 50 H8800
442.9363-01 DUST COLLAR GASKET  H8000 H8800
442.9310-01 INNER SEAL RING     H8000 H8800
847.0063-00 WASHER ZINC 10 X 26 X 65 H8800
442.9530-02 SCREW M6S 42X140 8.8 H8000 H8800
442.9245-01 ECCENTRIC           H8000 H8800
442.9357-01 ECC BSHG 24/28/32/36 H8000 H8800
442.9358-01 ECC BSHG 36/40/44/48 H8000 H8800
442.9359-01 ECC BSHG 48/52/56/60 H8000 H8800
442.9360-01 ECC BSHG 60/64/68/70 H8000 H8800
442.9246-01 HUB                 H8000 H8800
442.9274-00 RING                H8000 H8800
442.9469-01 KEY R 32X18X360     H8000 H8800
847.0181-00 SPRING WASHER M16 X 17X30 H8800
442.9311-00 GEAR & PINION SET   H8000 SPIRAL BEV H8800
442.9275-01 ECCENTRIC GEAR KEY  H8000 H8800
442.9249-02 ECC WEARING PLATE   H8000 H8800
853.0646-00 PIN PRYM N 16 X 45  H8000 H8800
442.9253-01 HYDROSET CYLINDER   H8000 H8800
442.9980-01 HYDROSET CYLINDER  H8800 H8800
442.9256-01 HYDROSET CYL BUSH   H8000 H8800
873.1211-00 O-RING   SEE 873.1211 H8800
442.9743-00 HYDROSET PISTON ASM H8000 H8800
853.0988-00 PARALLEL PIN H8800
442.9724-01 PISTON WEARING PLT H-8000 H8800
442.9722-01 STEP WASHER        H-8000 H8800
442.9257-00 CHEVRON PACKING     H8000 H8800
442.9304-01 PACKING CLAMP PLATE H8000 H8800
442.9255-00 HYDROSET CYL COVER  H8000 H8800
873.1233-00 O-RING H8800
873.1233-00 O-RING H8800
873.1210-00 O-RING H8800
442.9815-901 PINIONSHAFT ASSM H8800
442.9258-01 PINIONSHAFT HOUSING H8000 H8800
442.9806-01 PINIONSHAFT HOUSING H8000 H8800
442.9364-01 PINSHAFT HSG GASKET H8000 0,5 THK H8800
442.9364-02 PINSHAFT HSG GASKET H8000 0,8 THK H8800
442.9364-03 PINSHAFT HSG GASKET H8000 1,5 THK H8800
868.0832-00 SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARING H8800 H8800
00-813-252-007 SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARING H8800 H8800
868.0832-00 SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARING H8800 H8800
00-813-250-076 SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARING H8800 H8800
442.9334-01 PIN& SHV END SPACER H8000 H8800
442.9808-01 SPACER  H8800 H8800
873.1219-00 SEAL RING H8800
442.9261-01 PINSHAFT SEAL PL H8000 PINION END H8800
442.9260-01 PINSHAFT SEAL PL H8000 SHEAVE END H8800
442.9365-01 PINSHAFT SEALPLT GASKET H8000 H8800
442.9366-01 PINSHAFT SEALPLT GASKET H8000 H8800
442.9366-02 PINSHAFT SEALPLT GASKET H8000 H8800
853.0590-00 SPRING PIN PRYM N 8X28 H4000 H8800
442.9259-01 PINIONSHAFT         H8000 H8800
442.9807-01 PINION SHAFT  H8800 H8800
857.0353-00 KEY H8800
857.0354-00 KEY H8800
842.0020-00 SCREW H8800
442.9346-01 OIL LEVEL PLUG      H8000 H8800
442.9342-01 WASHER-SHEAVE RETAINER H8000 H8800
442.9343-01 SPACER              H8000 H8800
442.9732-AD MAINSHAFT ASM    H8000 H8800
452.9998-901 MAINSHAFT ASSEMBLY  H8800 H8800
442.9294-01 MAINSHAFT SLEEVE    H8000 H8800
853.0988-00 PARALLEL PIN H8800
442.9723-01 MAINSHAFT STEP     H-8000 H8800
442.9314-01 MANTLE A   M1       H8800 H8800
442.9339-01 MANTLE B  M1        H8800 H8800
442.9340-01 MANTLE EF  M1    H8800 **I-NOTE** H8800
442.9270-00 HEADNUT W/BURN RING H8000 H8800
442.9269-01 INNER HEADNUT       H8000 H8800
442.9306-01 BURNING RING        H8000 H8800
442.9271-01 DUST SEAL RING      H8000 H8800
442.9272-01 RETAINING RING      H8000 H8800
442.9367-01 SCRAPER RETAINER  H8000 H8800
442.9368-01 SCRAPER             H8000 H8800
442.9265-00 SPIDER ARM SHIELD   H8000 *I-NOTE* H8800
452.0266-001 SPIDER CAP   H8800 H8800
873.1232-00 O-RING- 790,0 X 5,7 SMS 1586 H8800
442.9266-01 SPIDER BUSH ALL THS H8000 H8800
452.0418-001 OIL SEAL RING/SCRAPER H8800 H8800
452.0417-001 RING   H8800 H8800
452.0419-001 SUPPORT RING H8800
442.9312-01 CONCAVE RNG MF  M1  H8800 H8800
442.9336-01 CONCAVE RING EC  M1  H8800 H8800
442.9337-01 CONCAVE RING M  M1  H8800 H8800
442.9398-01 CONCAVE RING C  M1  H8800 H8800
442.9471-01 CONCAVE RNG MC  M1  H8800 H8800
442.9520-00 FILLER RING MC      H8000 H8800
442.9352-01 WASHER              H8000 H8800
452.1068-001 WASHER   H8800 H8800
840.1136-00 SCREW H8800
442.9353-01 SLEEVE              H8000 H8800
442.9354-01 WASHER              H8000 H8800
863.0015-00 DISC SPRING H8800
442.9313-01 SUPPORT RING        H8000 H8800
442.9521-00 SPLITTER RH         H8000 H8800
442.9521-90 SPLITTER LH         H8000 H8800
906.0412-00 MECHANICAL SEAL 3884087 H8800
910.0104-00 AIR-OIL COOLER-STD  H8000 H8800
442.9485-08 ROD 1312 SQ 12 L=80 H8000 H8800
442.9485-09 ROUND BAR L=100     H8000 H8800
442.9490-01 HYDRAULIC HOSE R1″ X 2100 H8800
442.9491-01 HYDRAULIC HOSE R3/4″ X 2700 H8800
65-735-791-001 CONVERSION ADAPTER 0.50BSPP MALE – 0 H8800
65-735-791-002 CONVERSION ADAPTER 1.00BSPP MALE – 1 H8800
902.0061-00 VALVE 1/4″ FT 110   H8000 H8800
902.0761-00 SHUT-OFF VALVE 7640-3/8″ H8000 H8800