Nordberg HP700

Nordberg HP700 cone crushers are characterized by the optimized combination of crusher speed, eccentricity, and cavity profile. This mix has proved revolutionary, providing higher capacity, better product quality and suitability to a wider range of applications.
All Nordberg HP700 crushers are available as stationary, and many models also as mobile or portable versions.

There are a variety of crusher parts available for the HP700, including:

● HP700 Bowl liner and mantles: They are used to protect the crushing chamber from wear and tear. They are available in a variety of materials and cavity to suit different applications.

● HP700 Eccentric assembly: The eccentric assembly is located in the upper housing of the cone crusher. It is driven by the main motor of the crusher through a series of gears and belts Main shaft: The shaft is the main rotating component of the crusher. It is supported by bearings and transmits power to the concave.

● HP700 Bevel gear and pinion: HP700 cone crusher bevel gear and pinion are used in cone crushers to transmit power from the drive motor to the crushing chamber. The bevel gear is typically attached to the drive motor, while the pinion is attached to the main shaft of the cone crusher.
In addition to these main components, there are a number of other crusher parts available for the HP700 cone crusher, such as:

● HP700 Cone crusher frame bushing: Frame bushing is used to support the eccentric assembly of the crusher and reduce friction.

● HP700 Cone crusher upper and lower frame: They are housing components of the machine, made of heavy-duty steel and designed to withstand the extreme forces generated during crushing.

Nordberg HP700 cone crusher parts Including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type Weight
1001623521 PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE P/N RVDA-10-N-S-1 HP700 0.180
1001677205 PRSSR REL VALVE RPEC LEV, PR/REG REL 0- HP700 0.150
1001690011 SHUTTLE VALVE CSAA-EXN-GBS HP700 0.290
1001698980 SOLENOID VALVE SV3-10-0-0-220-AS, HP700 0.070
1001698986 SOLENOID VALVE SV1-10-4-0-220-AS HP700 0.520
1001699047 SOLENOID VALVE 4-WAY, 220 VOLT, P/N 2540 HP700 1.820
1001699048 SOLENOID VALVE 4-WAY, 220 VOLT, P/N 6553 HP700 0.000
1001738078 PRSSR REL VALVE 30 LO/100 PSI HI, SET TO HP700 9.520
1002080440 ELBOW 6 C5OX-S HP700 0.063
1002330876 BOLT, HEXAGONAL 2.500″-4UNC-2AX13.000″-A HP700 10.590
1002668540 SHOULDER SCREW, SOCKET HEAD M20 X 60, A HP700 0.000
1003056061 PLAIN WASHER DIN125A-36-140HV-UNPLTD HP700 0.080
1003056528 WASHER M10, DIN 9021, LOW CARBON PLAIN S HP700 0.009
1003725683 BOLT HEX ISO4014-M30X160-8.8-UNPLTD HP700 1.100
1005126627 LIGHT PUSH BUTTON GREEN, 800T-A1D1 HP700 0.120
1007235820 V-RING SEAL 800950 HP700 0.010
1007249892 SEAL NITRILE V-RING, P/N V-200A HP700 0.130
1007256419 O-RING AS568-342-91.44X5.33-70 DURO. BU HP700 0.010
1020057055 BOWL SHORT HEAD, THRU-BOLT DESIGN HP700 9,560.000
1026887756 FLEXIBLE COUPLING 1.375″ BORE MOTOR END HP700 4.080
1036831570 BEVEL GEAR CONIFLEXED GEAR HP700 541.000
1044255143 HOSE ASSY 0.25″ID X 28.0″LG, W/2 FLARE HP700 0.340
1048314310 BOWL LINER SHORT HEAD MEDIUM HP700 2,208.000
1048314349 BOWL LINER SHORT HEAD MEDIUM HP700 2,190.000
1048724021 SOCKET LINER HP700 196.000
1050051547 MANIFOLD P/N 85280135/C HP700 1.650
1050143800 MANTLE, UPPER HP700 98.000
1050143829 MANTLE SHORT HEAD HP700 2,288.000
1050143833 MANTLE SHORT HEAD, MED & COARSE, S/B 10 HP700 2,695.000
1050143842 MANTLE SHORT HEAD HP700 2,572.000
1054440226 MAIN FRAME PIN HP700 25.130
1059423012 PUMP OIL PUMP, (5X1) SPLIT, P/N PF-2009 HP700 18.000
1061030442 PLANETARY DRIVE RATIO 117.27:1, P/N 130L HP700 90.000
1063192465 PISTON WEAR RING 3″ OD, 0.120″/0.125″ T HP700 0.010
1063518790 RING SEGMENT SEAL, 50 SHORE “D” DUROMET HP700 1.360
1063583771 ROD WIPER 3.500″ID X 4.125″OD X .312″H, HP700 0.050
1083390615 VALVE MODULE 1A (220V) HP700 4.430
1083390617 VALVE MODULE 2A (115AG) HP700 0.000
1083390618 VALVE MODULE 2A (1884A-240VAS) HP700 4.500
1083390639 VALVE MCD-1882-220V HP700 0.000
1086053730 WASHER 140MM OD X 29MM ID X 19MM THK HP700 2.300
1086070155 WASHER 165MM OD X 70MM ID X 25MM THK HP700 3.400
1086109877 WASHER 165MM OD X 70MM ID X 25MM(1.00″) HP700 0.540
1093070190 FEED PLATE ASSY HP700 221.000
1093070195 FEED PLATE ASSY HP700, HP800, WF800 HP700 585.000
1093070298 HYDR MOTOR ASSY RATIO 19.54:1 HP700 127.000
1094360167 MOTOR PUMP ASSEMBLY 3.31:1 RATIO/125GPM/ HP700 0.000
1094399990 VALVE ASSY HP700 4.536
1095059960 LOCKING AGENT 9505 9960 (2.8 KG) HP700 3.600
7046700500 SPARE PART KIT SPART CAM KIT HP700 1.800
MM0203178 MANTLE SPECIAL HP700 SH M-SPECIAL, 0861 HP700 2,293.000
MM0308988 COUPLING 1140T10 HP700 177.810
MM0335023 MANOMETER 100-T5500-S-L-15-L-0/90PSI-GR HP700 1.000
MM0335582 MANTLE SPECIAL HP700 SH M-SPECIAL, 0861 HP700 2,513.000
MM0341717 MANTLE SH HD FINE HP700 2,769.000
MM0341718 BOWL LINER SH HD FINE HP700 2,145.000