Minyu Crusher Parts

Minyu is Taiwan's leading crusher and screen manufacturer. For more than fifty years, they have been designing, manufacturing and marketing equipment that has transformed infrastructure not only in Taiwan, but in many countries around the world.

As a professional crusher parts factory, Sunrise Machinery has a full set of Minyu crusher wearing parts with high-quality materials and long service life. Our products reduce maintenance time and operating costs for crusher users. In addition, our spare parts prices are much more economical than those you purchase from other crusher companies.

Sunrise can provide our customers with all types of Minyu crusher spare parts with the best quality and longest life. The availabl products include Jaw crusher spare parts, Jaw crusher wear parts, Cone crusher spare parts, and etc.

Minyu Jaw Crusher Parts including:

Part Number Crusher Type
JP3121 MS5432
J2 3121 MS3642
JQ 3121 MS4226
JQ 1091 MS4230
JP 1091 MS3642
J6 1091 MS5432
JP101114/JP1021 MS3624
I8 303101 102115W
IK 3031A01 133115W
IM 303101 133152W
J2 4011 MS4226
J4 4011
JQ 401A
JP 4011 MS3624
JU 4011
J6 4011
JT 4011
IK 3061 MICI33115-3061
I9 3061 MIC102092-3061
IM 3061A MICB3152-3061
JP 311A MS3624
J2 2011 MS4226
J7 303101
CX 4061A
CH 4041
HC4041A MSP-4041A
JT2061 MS4840-2061
JH1101 MSH5434-1101
JH2121 MSH5431-2121
JH2061 MS5434-2061

Minyu Cone Crusher Parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
CL2121A MCC51/MCC1300-2121A MCC51/MCC1300
J6 3121 MCC51/MCC1300-4031A MCC51/MCC1300
CH 1041A MCC51/MCC1300
CH2021 MCC51/MCC1300
CH1111 MCC51/MCC1300
CH3071 MCC51/MCC1300
CH3051 MCC51/MCC1300
CH111A MCC51/MCC1300
J6 3121 MCC51/MCC1300-4031A MCC51/MCC1300
CH4060 MC1300-4060 MCC51/MCC1300
CL4031A MCC600-4031A MCC600
CA4061 MCC600-4061 MCC600
CA2111 MCC600-2111 MCC600
CA 2121 MCC600-2121 MCC600
CE4031A MCSH48/MCS1300-4031A MCSH48/MCS1300
CI2111A MCSH48/MCS1300-2111A MCSH48/MCS1300
CI4041A MCS1300-4041A MCSH48/MCS1300
C84031 MCSH36/MCS1000-4031A MCSH36/MCS1000
CE2111A MCSH36/MCS1000-2111A MCSH36/MCS1000
C5 2111A MCF54
CZ 2111B MCSH42H
CZ 4031B MCSH42H
CF 2111B MCSS36
CA4031 MCSS36
CF 4031B MCSS36
C72111D MCSH54/MCS1370-2111D MCSH54/MCS1370
C64041A MCSH54 MCSH54/MCS1370
CI4031A MCSH54/MCS1370-4031A MCSH54/MCS1370
C42111B MCSH51
C64031A MCSH51
CM4031A MCSH51
C12121A MCC40/MCC1000-2111A MCC40/MCC1000
C5 4031A MCC40/MCC1000-4041A MCC40/MCC1000
CD1041A MCC40/MCC1000
CD3021 MCC40/MCC1000
CD1111 MCC40/MCC1000
CD111A MCC40/MCC1000
CD3051 MCC40/MCC1000
C12111A MCF40/MCC1000-2111A MCF40/MCC1000
CD 5121A MCC1000-5121A MCF40/MCC1000
CD4041 MCC1000-4041 MCF40/MCC1000
CD5121 MCC1000-5121 MCF40/MCC1000
C14060 MCC1000-4060 MCF40/MCC1000
CD4061 MCC1000-4061 MCF40/MCC1000
CD2111A MCF900-2111A
CD2121A MCF900-2121A
CJ2121G MCSS51/MCSS1370-2121G
CX 4041A MCC45/MCC1150-4041A MCC45/MCC1150
CX 2121B MCC45/MCC1150-2121B MCC45/MCC1150
CX 4031A MCC45/MCC1150-4031A MCC45/MCC1150
CX 4071 MCC45/MCC1150-4071 MCC45/MCC1150
CX1041E MCC45/MCC1150
CX1041B MCC45/MCC1150
CX3021E MCC45/MCC1150
CX3021B MCC45/MCC1150
CX111A MCC45/MCC1150
CX3071 MCC45/MCC1150
CX3051 MCC45/MCC1150
CX7031 MCC1150-7031 MCC45/MCC1150
CX4060 MCC1150-4060 MCC45/MCC1150
CX 5121A MCC1150-5121A MCC45/MCC1150
C5 2121A MCC54/MCC1370-2121A MCC54/MCC1370
C5 5121 MCC54/MCC1370
CH 5121A MCC54/MCC1370
CP 5121A MCC54/MCC1370
CH 7031 MCC54/MCC1370
C5 7031 MCC54/MCC1370
C5 3071 MCC54/MCC1370
C5 3051 MCC54/MCC1370
C5 1111 MCC54/MCC1370
C5 3021E MCC54/MCC1370
C5 1041E MCC54/MCC1370
CH4031A MCC54/MCC1370
C54060 MCC1370-4060A
CH5121A MCC1200-5121 MCC48/MCC1200
CH2121A MCC48/MCC1200
CZ 4031B MCC48/MCC1200-4031A MCC48/MCC1200
CH 4071 MCC48/MCC1300-4071 MCC48/MCC1200
CJ4031E MCSS52/MCSS1370-4031E MCSS52/MCSS1370
C7 4041 MCSS52/MCS1370-4041
CD4031A MCC900-4031A
CD 4041 MCC36
CD 4071 MCC36
CA 4071 MCC24
D25071/AUMB030A MEC40
HD4041A MSP200-4041A MSP200
HD4060B MSP200-4060B MSP200
HD5121 MSP200-5121 MSP200
HD2111A MSP200-2111A MSP200
HD2121B MSP200-2121B MSP200
HD4031B MSP200-4031B MSP200
HC2121E MSP300-2121E MSP300
HC2111B MSP300-2111B MSP300
HD2121B MSP300-2121B MSP300
HC4031A MSP300-4031A MSP300
HC4060B MSP300-4060B MSP300
HB4060 MSP100-4060 MSP100
HL4060A MSP400-4060A MSP400
C 61041 MCC60
C 63021 MCC60
C 63071 MCC60
C 63051 MCC60