Sandvik CS430 S3800

Sandvik CS430/S3800 cone crusher replacemment parts are available by Sunrise Machinery Co., Ltd. We produce complete range of aftermarket spare parts to work with those cone crusher models.

Sunrise Machinery can provide the Sandvik Cone Crusher Components as following: cone crusher concave, bowl liners, mantle, clamping ring, cone head, feed cone, head ball, locating bar, dust seal ring, torch ring, upper frame, eccentric, eccentric bushing, pinion, pinion bevel gear, protection cone, socket, socket liner, thrust bearing, adjustment ring, arm guard, bottom shell, main frame, main frame liner, counter shaft box, countershaft bushing, counterweight & liner etc.

Sunrise Machinery also supply the following assembly items with attractive cost: Cone crusher main shaft assembly, counterweight assembly, gear assembly, adjusting ring assembly,  eccentric assembly, socket assembly, bowl assembly, head assembly, intermediate shaft assembly and other assemblies.

Sandvik CS430/S3800 cone crusher parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
442.8866-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S&H3000 S3800/CS430
442.8865-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S&H3000 S3800/CS430
442.8868-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S&H3000 S3800/CS430
442.8869-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S&H3000 S3800/CS430
442.8867-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S&H3000 S3800/CS430
442.8864-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S&H3000 S3800/CS430
442.8449-01 ECCENTRIC           S3000 S3800/CS430
442.8486-01 ECC BUSH 16/20/25/30S3000 S3800/CS430
452.0678-901 MAINSHAFT ASSEMBLY S3800 S3800/CS430
452.0651-001 MAINSHAFT  S3800 S3800/CS430
442.7913-01 MAINSHAFT SLEEVE  S&H3000 S3800/CS430
452.0632-001 HEADCENTER  S3800 S3800/CS430
442.8470-01 HEADCENTER  S3800 S3800/CS430
442.8470-01 MANTLE A   M1       S3800 S3800/CS430
442.8470-02 MANTLE A  M2       S3800 S3800/CS430
442.8471-01 MANTLE B  M1        S3800 S3800/CS430
442.8471-02 MANTLE B  M2       S3800 S3800/CS430
442.8446-01 TOPSHELL EC2  S3000 S3800/CS430
442.9035-01 TOPSHELL LINER      S3000 S3800/CS430
853.0979-00 DOWEL PIN 36 X 32 S3800/CS430
442.8451-01 ARM SHIELD          S3000 S3800/CS430
442.8551-01 DOWEL PIN-SPDR ARM SHLD S3000 S3800/CS430
442.8520-00 SPIDER CAP          S3000 S3800/CS430
442.8477-00 LWR CONCAVE EC  M1  S3800 S3800/CS430
442.8477-90 LWR CONCAVE EC  M2   S3800 S3800/CS430
442.8478-00 LWR CONCAVE C  M1   S3800 S3800/CS430
442.8478-90 LWR CONCAVE C  M2   S3800 S3800/CS430
442.8484-00 UPR CONCAVE EC  M1  S3800 S3800/CS430
442.8484-90 UPR CONCAVE EC  M2   S3800 S3800/CS430
442.8485-00 UPR CONCAVE C  M1   S3800 S3800/CS430
442.8485-90 UPR CONCAVE C  M2   S3800 S3800/CS430