Sandvik JM1208 UJ440 CJ412

In the aftermarket of crusher equipment, Sunrise Machinery is supplying the replacement parts to suit the following jaw crusher model:

Sandvik JM1208 crusher parts

Sandvik UJ440 crusher parts

Sandvik CJ412 crusher parts

Sunrise jaw crusher spare parts for those Sandvik crusher are made of high manganese material according to OEM requirements, while if end users need longer life time to reduce their downtime, then the special material  TiC (titanium carbide) can be inserted into the wearing parts, it can extend the life time to be 2-4 times longer than normal one.

As one of leading crusher parts foundry in China, Sunrise is ready to provide following part list to suit to Sandvik JM1208, UJ440 and CJ412 jaw crusher: Jaw crusher jaw plate, jaw crusher bearing cover, jaw crusher bushing, cheek plate, flywheel, front end, frame assembly, lock plate, main shaft, jaw crusher pitman, protection cap, spacer, jaw crusher toggle plate and toggle seat, and so on.

Below part number table is showing the details for reference.

Sandvik JM1208 UJ440 CJ412 jaw crusher parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
10-314-263-000 SIDE LINER-LWR (CAST)1208 SIDE LINER 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
10-314-262-000 SIDE LINER-UPPER (CAST) 1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
10-214-269-000 WEDGE PLATE          1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
400.0314-002 BOLT M20X160 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
400.0408-002 STATIONARY JAW PL CORRUG  M2    1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
400.0411-001 STAT/SWING JAW PLATE WT(Z)  M1  1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
400.0413-002 STATIONARY JAW PLATE HD  M2     1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
400.0425-001 STAT JAW PL CORRUG COARSE  M1  1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
10-314-246-000 WEDGE STA JAW   1206/1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
10-314-246-000 WEDGE STA JAW   1206/1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
53-466-463-000 PROTECTION PLATE    1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
53-266-357-000 ECCENTRIC SHAFT      1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
53-267-179-000 ECCENTRIC SHAFT 1208/1211 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
402.7388-01 SPACING COLLAR-LABYR 1211/1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
402.7389-00 LABYRINTH COVER & PLUGS   1211 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
32-402-739-101 SPACER,INR LABYRINTH 1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
32-402-739-001 SEALPLATE,INNER LABY 1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
00-923-203-315 SEAL V RING 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
00-813-249-001 SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARING 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
00-819-163-364 ADAPTER SLEEVE    AH3164H 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
402.7392-01 LABYRINTH RING-OUTER 1211 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
00-819-137-256 LOCKWASHER-BEARING MB- 56 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
00-930-920-056 BEARING LOCKNUT TR280X4 1208/1211/ 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
00-920-241-105 SCREW M20X200 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
10-114-743-000 SWING JAW PL   1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
400.0407-002 SWING JAW PLATE CORRUG  M2      1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
400.0420-001 SWING JAW PL COARSE CORRUG  M1  1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
10-214-255-000 DEFLECTOR PLATE 1206/1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
53-467-202-000 SAFETY KEY 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
10-314-265-000 TOGGLE SEAT BLOCK    1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
10-314-495-000 TOGGLE SEAT BLOCK    1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
17-201-650-001 TOGGLE SEAT 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
10-214-523-000 TOGGLE PLATE         1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
53-466-668-500 TENSION ROD CLEVIS  1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
53-466-415-001 THREADED ROD         1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
17-202-779-001 SPRING, TENSION ROD 1208/1108 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
53-366-376-500 WASHER,TENSION ROD   1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
53-366-379-500 PUSHER PLATE- 1108/1206/1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
10-114-256-502 BEARING HSG MACH LH 1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
10-114-256-501 BEARING HSG MACH LH 1208 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412
53-466-431-001 STUD 1208JM/UJ440/CJ412