Sandvik UH640 CH660 H6800

Sunrise is ready to provide the replacement parts for Sandvik UH640/CH660/H6800 Cone Crusher.

The below cone crusher spare parts are available:

Cone crusher bolw liners, cone crusher mantle, cone crusher socket liner, concave, main frame, socket liner, gear, T-seals, main frame, main frame liner, cone head, feed cone, cone crusher eccentric, cone crusher eccentric bushing, pinion, pinion bevel gear, head ball, locating bar, locking bolt, cone crusher clamping ring, feed hopper, counter shaft box, hydraulic drive adjustment, clamping cylinder,  upper head bushing, thrust bearing, adjustment ring, feed plate etc.

Sandvik QH440/CH440/H4800 cone crusher other spare parts including: Cone crusher main shaft assembly, eccentric assembly, socket assembly, bowl assembly, head assembly, counterweight assembly, gear assembly, adjusting ring assembly, intermediate shaft assembly and other assemblies, all of those aseembly items can be found in Sunrise factory.

Sandvik UH640/CH660/H6800 crusher parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
442.8735-00 BOTTOM SHELL ASM S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8760-00 PINIONSHAFT ARM LNR H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8759-00 NARROW ARM LINER  S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
900.2108-00 ELBOW 4″ A4 SMS 435 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8742-01 BOTTOM SHELL BUSH S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
900.0921-00 TEE CPLG 3/4 SA 4072,415 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
900.1412-00 PIPE 3/4 X 70 KREA SMS 1787 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8741-01 DUST COLLAR       S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8762-01 LOCATING BAR      S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8809-01 SHIM 0.1 THK(0.003) S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8809-02 SHIM 0.5 THK(0.02) S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8809-03 SHIM 0.7 THK(0.03) S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8809-04 SHIM 1.0 THK(0.04) S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8808-01 DUST COLLAR GASKT S&H6000 (2-PIECE) UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8747-01 INNER SEAL RING   S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8733-01 ECCENTRIC           H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8824-01 ECC BUSH 18+20+24+28 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8825-01 ECC BUSH 28+32+36+40 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8826-01 ECC BUSH 40+44+48+50 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8743-00 RING  (TWO PIECE) S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8723-00 GEAR & PINION SET H6000(SOLD AS SET) UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8807-01 ECC GEAR KEY      S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8761-01 WEARING PLATE-ECC   H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8722-01 HYDROSET CYLINDER S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8724-01 HYDROSET CYL BUSH  H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
873.1152-00 O-RING 625 X7 SMS1587 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8758-00 PISTON            S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8730-01 PISTON WRG PLATE  S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8731-01 STEP WASHER       S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8739-00 CHEVRON PACKING   S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8726-01 HYDROSET CYL COVER  H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
873.1153-00 O-RING 510 X5,7 SMS1587 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8749-01 HYD CYL COVER GASKT H6000 HYD CYL CO UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8783-01 COVER PLATE CLOSURE PLUG H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
984.0623-00 TRANSDUCER PROBE H/S 6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8847-901 PINIONSHAFT ASSY (LESS PINION) UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8764-01 PINIONSHAFT HSG   S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8803-01 PINSHAFT HSG GASKET S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8803-02 PINSHAFT HSG GASKET S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8803-03 PINSHAFT HSG GASKET S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
868.0799-00 SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARING H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
868.0806-00 SPHER ROLLER BEARNG H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8771-01 SPACER-SHV&PIN ENDS& H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
873.1161-00 OIL SEAL RING CC    H6000 OIL SEAL R UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8766-01 PINSHAFT SEAL PLT S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8765-01 PINSHAFT SEAL PLT S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8775-01 PINSHAFT SEALPLT GASKET H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8774-01 PINSHAFT SEALPLT GASKET H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8774-02 PINSHAFT SEALPLT GASKET H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8772-01 PINIONSHAFT       S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
857.0350-00 KEY T 25X14X95 SMS 2307 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8778-01 OIL LEVEL PLUG    S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8787-01 WASHER-SHEAVE RETAINER H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8788-01 SPACER-SHEAVE RETAINER H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8848-901 MAINSHAFT ASM H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8767-01 MAINSHAFT           H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8792-01 MAINSHAFT SLEEVE    H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
853.0119-00 PARALLEL PIN UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8732-01 MAINSHAFT STEP    S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8763-01 HEADCENTER          H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8819-01 MANTLE A   M1       H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8819-02 MANTLE A   M2       H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8820-01 MANTLE B  M1        H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8820-02 MANTLE B  M2        H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8821-01 MANTLE D  M1        H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8821-02 MANTLE D  M2        H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.9355-01 MANTLE EF  M1       H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
452.0820-001 MANTLE H6000 EEF M1 UH640/CH660/H6800
452.0820-002 MANTLE EEF M2  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8800-00 HEADNUT W/BURN RING H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8791-01 INNER HEAD NUT   H6000 **SEE I-NOTE* UH640/CH660/H6800
442.6427-01 BURNING RING     S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8802-01 DUST SEAL RING    S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8801-01 RETAINER RING     S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8804-01 DUST SEAL RETAINER H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8805-01 SCRAPER           S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8849-901 TOPSHELL EC2 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8812-01 SPIDER ARM SHIELD   H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
900.0243-00 SCRENED SOCKET UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8753-01 SPIDER CAP          H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
873.1160-00 O-RING 529,3X5,7 SMS1587 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8754-01 SPIDER BUSHING    S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8755-01 OIL SEAL RING     S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8813-01 CONCAVE RNG EC  M1  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8813-02 CONCAVE RNG EC  M2   H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8814-01 CONCAVE RING C  M1  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8814-02 CONCAVE RING C  M2  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8815-01 CONCAVE RNG MC  M1  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8815-02 CONCAVE RNG MC  M2   H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8816-01 CONCAVE RING M  M1  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8816-02 CONCAVE RING M  M2   H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8817-01 CONCAVE RNG MF  M1  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8817-02 CONCAVE RNG MF  M2   H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8818-01 CONCAVE RING F  M1  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8818-02 CONCAVE RING F  M2  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.9356-01 CONCAVE RNG EF  M1  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.9356-02 CONCAVE RNG EF  M2   H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
452.0832-001 CONCAVE H6000 EEF M1 UH640/CH660/H6800
452.0832-002 CONCAVE EEF M2 H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8823-01 FILLER RING (M & MC) H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8863-01 FILLER RING (F, MF) H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8881-01 WASHER-CONCAVE      H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.7252-01 SHIM 1X80X20 1142-32 H4000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.7252-02 SHIM 3X80X20 1312-00 H4000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.7252-03 SHIM 5X80X20 1312-00 H4000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.7252-04 SHIM 10X80X20 1312-00 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8908-01 HOSE                H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.9415-00 WEAR PLATE UH640/CH660/H6800
863.0058-00 DISC SPRING 90X46X5 H4000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8793-01 CONCAVE CLAMPING RING H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
972.0532-00 MOTOR MBT112M 1800RPM 6HP LUBE H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
843.1267-00 STUD SCREW 12X45 5,8 S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
919.0170-00 BLADDER COMPLETE 20L     H3800/H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800
919.0174-00 ACCUMULATOR ASM     H6000 FOR BLADDE UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8777-00 CHECK VALVE UH640/CH660/H6800
900.2026-00 MAGNETIC PLUG 3/4 S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.5904-01 FIXING PLATE H6000& H8000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.9781-00 TOP PLATE COMP MTGH&S6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8879-00 LIFTING TOOL/ECC SL H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800
442.8880-00 LIFTING TOOL/BTM SHELL UH640/CH660/H6800
843.1511-00 STUD BOLT UH640/CH660/H6800