Sandvik QH440 CH440 H4800

Sandvik QH440/CH440/H4800 Cone Crusher Spare Parts are available by Sunrise Machinery.

The item provided by Sunrise Machinery is not limited to below list: cone head, feed cone, head ball, locating bar, locking bolt,  cone crusher clamping ring, feed hopper, cone crusher eccentric, eccentric bushing, pinion, pinion bevel gear, cone crusher mantle, bowl liners, concave,main frame, socket liner, gear, T-seals, main frame, main frame liner, counter shaft box, hydraulic drive adjustment, clamping cylinder,  upper head bushing, thrust bearing, adjustment ring, feed plate etc.

Sunrise Machinery also supply some assemly items for Sandvik QH440/CH440/H4800 Cone Crusher, including: Cone crusher eccentric assembly, socket assembly, bowl assembly, head assembly, main shaft assembly, counterweight assembly, gear assembly, adjusting ring assembly, intermediate shaft assembly and other assemblies.

Sandvik QH440/CH440/H4800 crusher parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
442.8794-01 BOTTOM SHELL QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7201-00 BOTTOM SHELL COVER H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7140-00 PINSHAFT ARM LINER H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7141-00 NARROW ARM LINER    H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7146-01 BOTTOM SHELL BUSH   H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7106-01 DUST COLLAR         H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7109-01 RING                H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7110-01 LOCATING BAR        H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7168-01 SHIM 0.1 THK(0.003) H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7168-02 SHIM 0.5 THK(0.02)  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7168-03 SHIM 0.7 THK(0.03)  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7168-04 SHIM 1.0 THK(0.04)  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7170-01 DUST COLLAR GASKET  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7108-01 NNER SEAL RING     H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
899.0278-00 PROTECTIVE CAP M42 SW65-2-G68 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9530-01 SCREW M6S 42X100 8.8 S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7151-01 ECCENTRIC           H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9406-01 ECC BUSHING 32-36-40-44 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9642-01 ECC BSHG 24-28-32   H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9643-01 ECC BSG 13-16-20-24 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7142-01 HUB               H&S4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7169-00 RING              S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9609-01 KEY R 25X14X250   S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7093-00 GEAR & PINION SET S&H4000 SPIRAL BVL QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7171-01 ECC GEAR KEY        H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7107-01 WEARING PLATE-ECC   H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
853.0646-00 PIN PRYM N 16 X 45  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7163-01 HYDROSET CYLINDER   H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7166-01 HYDROSET CYL BUSH   H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
873.0892-00 O-RING 530 X 7 SMS 1587 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9672-00 HYD PISTON ASM    H/S4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7122-01 PISTON WEARING PLT  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7121-01 STEP WASHER         H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7112-00 CHEVRON PACKING-HYD H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7167-01 PACKING CLAMP PLATE H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9663-00 HYDROSET CYL COVER  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7202-01 HYD CYL COVER GASKT H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
873.1276-00 O-RING QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9966-901 PINIONSHAFT ASSEMBLY H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7506-01 PINIONSHAFT HSG S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7136-01 PINSHAFT HSG GASKET S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7136-02 PINSHAFT HSG GASKET S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7136-03 PINSHAFT HSG GASKET S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
868.0282-00 SPHER ROLLR BEARING H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
868.0804-00 SPHER ROLLR BEARING H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7130-01 PINION END SPACER S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7131-01 SHEAVE END SPACER S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
873.1208-00 OILSEAL RING BASL   H4000 OILSEAL RI QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9684-01 PINSHAFT SEAL PLT S&H4000 PINION END QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7133-01 PINSHAFT SEAL PLATE H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7134-01 PINSHAFT SEALPLT GASKET H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7135-01 PINSHAFT SEALPLT GASKET H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7135-02 PINSHAFT SEALPLT GASKET H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
853.0590-00 SPRING PIN PRYM N 8X28 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9937-01 PINIONSHAFT       H&S4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
857.0337-00 KEY T 22X14X95 SMS 2307 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
857.0336-00 KEY T 28X16X110 SMS 2307 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0022-00 ELBOW 3/4 A4 127 1345, BLACK QH440/CH440/H4800
900.2026-00 MAGNETIC PLUG 3/4 S&H6000 QH440/CH440/H4800
873.0385-00 SEALING RING TREDO 20 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7577-01 OIL LEVEL PLUG      H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
873.0108-00 O-RING 3.0X 34.2X 40.2 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7578-01 PIPE-PINION END   S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8703-00 PINIONSHFT PUMP ASM       460V, 60HZ QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0367-00 PUMP P3-AAN-0, 75-FL-20-B0  1 QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0366-00 SPACER QH440/CH440/H4800
930.0248-00 COUPLING QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0365-00 FOOT FLANGE QH440/CH440/H4800
923.0193-00 PRESSURE GAUGE 2748 GLYC D 63 QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0129-00 FILTER CARTRIDGE PC 507 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7238-01 WASHER-SHEAVE RETAINER H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7259-901 MAINSHAFT ASSM H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7100-01 MAINSHAFT           H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7117-01 MAINSHAFT SLEEVE    H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
853.0119-00 PARALLEL PIN QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7120-01 MAINSHAFT STEP      H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8332-01 HEAD CENTER         H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7225-01 MANTLE A   M1       H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7225-02 MANTLE A   M2       H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7230-01 MANTLE B   M1       H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7230-02 MANTLE B   M2       H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8039-01 MANTLE EF  M1       H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9073-03 MANTLE HC M7 H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7105-00 HEADNUT W/BURN RING QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8333-01 HEADNUT-INNER   S & H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7115-01 BURNING RING   S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7102-01 DUST SEAL RING      H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7103-01 RETAINER RING       H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7523-01 DUST SEAL RETAINER  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7524-01 SCRAPER H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7180-00 TOPSHELL 2-ARM      H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7190-01 SPIDER ARM SHIELD   H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0425-00 PIPE COUPLING QH440/CH440/H4800
808.0220-00 STEEL PIPE 10 X 1,5 MM H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7492-01 SPIDER CAP          H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0114-00 AIR FILTER PI0102 R1/4″ + INS QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0169-00 NIPPLE 1/4 N8 131 6314, BLACK QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0002-00 ELBOW 1/4 A1 127 0016, BLACK QH440/CH440/H4800
873.0838-00 O-RING 5.7X499.3X510.7 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9408-01 SPIDER BUSHING    S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7193-01 OIL SEAL RING-SPIDR H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0981-00 PLUG KR1 INSEX ZN 10 H3000, H4000 & QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8416-01 CONCAVE RNG EF M1 H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8417-01 CONCAVE RING F M1 H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8417-02 CONCAVE RING F M2  H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8417-03 CONCAVE RING F M7 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8418-01 CONCAVE RNG MF M1   H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8418-02 CONCAVE RNG MF  M2   H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8419-01 CONCAVE RING M  M1  H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8419-02 CONCAVE RING M  M2  H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8420-01 CONCAVE RNG MC  M1  H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8420-02 CONCAVE RNG MC  M2   H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8421-01 CONCAVE RING C  M1  H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8421-02 CONCAVE RING C  M2  H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8422-01 CONCAVE RNG EC  M1  H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8422-02 CONCAVE RNG EC  M2   H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7484-01 FILLER RING (F, MF) H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7485-01 FILLER RING EF,M,MC H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
900.1821-00 PIPE 1-1/4 X 165 KREA SMS 1787 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7251-02 WASHER-CONCAVE 80X30X140 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7251-03 CONCAVE WASHER      H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7252-01 SHIM 1X80X20 1142-32 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7252-02 SHIM 3X80X20 1312-00 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7252-03 SHIM 5X80X20 1312-00 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7252-04 SHIM 10X80X20 1312-00 H6000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8687-01 SCREW M6S 30X360 8.8 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7253-01 SLEEVE              H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7271-01 CONCAVE SUPT WASHER H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
863.0058-00 DISC SPRING 90X46X5 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8425-01 CONCAVE CLAMP RING  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8290-01 DOWEL PIN           H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7267-90 FEED SPLITTER ASM LH H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7267-00 FEED SPLITTER ASM RH H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7191-00 FEED HOPPER ASM H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
914.0170-00 OIL LEVEL INDICATOR H4000     10″ LG QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8345-01 HYDRAULIC PIPE QH440/CH440/H4800
902.0746-00 VALVE HRSF-3/4R 200KPA H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0127-00 PRESS DROP INDIC PIS3097/2,2 QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0116-00 AIR FILTER PI0121   H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
923.0192-00 THERMOMETER IFC60 0-120 L100 QH440/CH440/H4800
930.0237-00 COUPLING HALF D38 05-32-540 QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0142-00 MECHANICAL SEAL 3884087 H6000 QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0126-00 FILTER CARTRIDGE PC230 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.2873-91 HEAT EXCHANGER BCF 602-0-4 QH440/CH440/H4800
910.0102-00 AIR-OIL COOLER-STD  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0160-00 BUSHING 2.00 X 1.50 QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0390-00 COMPLETE FAN-(6 BLADE FAN) QH440/CH440/H4800
910.0112-00 AXIAL FAN   H4000  (4-BLADES) QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0309-00 IMPELLER BLADES-MK.002 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0387-00 FAN BLADE QH440/CH440/H4800
910.0067-00 COOLER CORE  IE-2927 QH440/CH440/H4800
972.0531-00 MOTOR, M2AA112M-4 3601 400VY QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0087-00 DIRT TRAP SW/0 1 1/2-0 QH440/CH440/H4800
902.0723-00 RELIEF VALVE DN32 0,7MPA 474122P  H4 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.1774-00 FLOW SWITCH ASM     H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
930.0205-00 COUPLING HE 14      H4000 PUMPING UN QH440/CH440/H4800
930.0252-00 COUPLING ND 8 QH440/CH440/H4800
843.1445-00 STUD SCREW QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0270-00 PUMP P3BAN2004 HL10B02 QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0377-00 HYDROSET PUMP QH440/CH440/H4800
972.0182-00 MOTOR MT90L-2 2,2KW  220-380V QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0268-00 PUMP BRACKET BL 7SL PUMPING UNIT QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0376-00 PUMPBRACKET QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0269-00 FOOT BRACKET P200 PUMPING UNIT QH440/CH440/H4800
919.0165-00 ACCUMULATOR 25L OLAER H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
919.0171-00 BLADDER COMPLETE 25L          H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
919.0184-00 BLADDER COMPLETE    H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.1954-01 ACCUMULATOR CLAMP   H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8215-00 ACCUMULATOR CHARGING KIT QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0659-00 ADAPTER  R2.0 X R2 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.6406-01 VALVE GUIDE BODY    H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.6402-01 CHK VALVE FLG FACE  H3000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.6403-01 VALVE               H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.6508-00 CONNECTION PIECE QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0655-00 ADAPTER R3/4 X R3/4 702-12-12 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8179-00 ACCUM PIPE PROTECTOR H4000 (SET-L+R) QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0128-00 FILTER BASE QH440/CH440/H4800
923.0379-00 PRESSURE GAUGE M20-2 0-6MPA  6″DIA QH440/CH440/H4800
984.0530-00 IMMERSION HEATER OE3SB9/3-1650  440V QH440/CH440/H4800
984.0605-00 IMM HTR 440V,2190W S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0138-00 AIR FILTER PI0154 MIC QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0139-00 FILTER CARTRIDGE QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0113-00 AIR FILTER 504-2S 5 MICRON QH440/CH440/H4800
902.0645-00 AIR REGULATOR 216-2-8 QH440/CH440/H4800
923.0267-00 PRESSURE GAUGE QH440/CH440/H4800
899.0099-00 LIFTING EYE BOLT QH440/CH440/H4800
442.0800-91 LEAD-CHECK OF C.S.S. H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7282-01 EYEBOLT-LIFTING PLATE S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7283-00 LIFTING TOOL-ECC SLV S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7281-00 LIFTING TOOL-BTMSHL BSGS&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8043-00 LIFTING TOOL-BTMSHL BSGS&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
920.0110-00 SLUGGING WRENCH QH440/CH440/H4800
920.0151-00 SLUGGING WRENCH QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7284-00 LOWERING ROD W/NUTS S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
843.1333-00 STUD BOLT QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7280-00 PISTON STOP PLATE S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800