Nordberg HP5

The HP5 follows the successful HP3, HP4 and HP6 as the fourth model in all-new range of high-performance cone crushers. These new cone crushers enable you to produce much finer products using fewer crushing stages, thereby lowering your capital and energy costs. With a combination of optimized speed and a large throw, the HP5 provides the highest reduction ratios of any cone crusher on the market today. Due to its highly efficient crushing action, the HP5 delivers maximum power utilization per cone diameter, so you save both with lower energy consumption per ton of end product and with a lower recirculation load. A higher cavity density improves interparticle crushing action for end products with more consistent gradation and superior shape.

An advanced fastening system for the mantle and bowl liner eliminates the need for backing material, and makes liner changes faster. Thicker liners mean more material to wear. The HP5 cone crusher is also easy to disassemble: all components are accessible from the top or side. The bowl and head are easily and safely removed with no interference

Nordberg HP5 cone crusher parts Including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type Weight
7001530029 SCREW HEX ISO4017-M5X12-8.8-A3A HP5 0.200
7001533521 SCREW HEX ISO4017-M24X70-12.9-UNPLTD HP5 0.300
7001540158 CAP SCRW HEXSCKTHD ISO4762-M10X35-12.9- HP5 0.030
7002118066 1OSE TIGHTENER SX 14 092-112 HP5 0.050
7002421218 ELBOW ADAPTER G2071-10-10S HP5 0.100
7065550291 FEED CONE HP5 32.000
MM0232286 CNNCTR E11509 HP5 0.050
MM0233315 ADAPTER 202702-10-10S HP5 0.200
MM0235244 PRSSR ACCUMULATOR SB330-13A4/112US-262C HP5 43.000
MM0235245 PRSSR ACCUMULATOR SBO330-0,6E1/112U-330 HP5 5.700
MM0235273 V-RING TWVA01500-N7T50 HP5 0.020
MM0237492 PUMP P1BAN2014BA2010BL2004BL10B02N HP5 5.890
MM0237701 PRESSURE SENSOR PN7002…25BAR HP5 0.290
MM0237964 TEMP SENSOR TS4759 HP5 0.160
MM0237966 INDUCTIVE SW IIS204 HP5 0.120
MM0237967 PRESSURE SENSOR PA3020 HP5 0.230
MM0255818 GASKET SET TYPE 4R 430NM HP5 1.000
MM0256776 REPAIR SET 335256 KIT REP SB330/400-13 HP5 1.000
MM0258980 GASKET SET 306L2HZ HP5 1.000
N02482123 PRSSR REL VALVE RDBA-LCN, 110 BAR HP5 0.100
N05255935 CONVERTER RMP T20BD HP5 0.120
N10600200 COOLER OK-P12L/1.0/M/400-50/1/IBP3/181- HP5 153.500
N12010784 RING HP5 108.000
N12080205 TORCH RING HP5 11.000
N14856003 AXLE HP5 8.300
N15557502 BUSHING HP5 2.100
N15606251 CNTRSHFT BUSHING HP5 22.000
N15607252 ECCENTRIC BUSHING HP5 100.600
N21900359 MAIN FRAME LINER HP5 315.000
N21900360 MAIN FRAME LINER HP5 244.000
N22072711 CNTRWGHT LINER HP5 169.000
N22102708 ARM GRD HP5 61.100
N22102710 ARM GRD HP5 84.000
N22300510 DRILLED BLOCK HP5 10.500
N24950509 HEAD BALL HP5 143.000
N27009556 SHIM HP5 10.500
N29550019 JACK HP5 6.000
N35410850 DRIVE GEAR HP5 244.500
N39608802 SOCKET HP5 177.600
N41003700 NUT SPHERICAL HP5 7.700
N41003701 NUT SPHERICAL HP5 6.200
N41060203 BOLT LOCK HP5 69.300
N43358026 ECCENTRIC HP5 736.000
N44453504 HYDR HOSE 8/16-JIC37° LG.10000 HP5 5.700
N49300007 PIN HP5 10.100
N53000140 SEAL KIT HP5 0.900
N53000141 SEAL KIT HP5 1.800
N53000142 SEAL PU HP5 0.150
N53000143 SEAL PU HP5 0.300
N53001202 SEAL SET HP5 2.000
N53128502 SEAL HP5 0.640
N53129003 GASKET HP5 2.130
N53129005 U-SEAL HP5 2.000
N55209501 BOWL LINER EC HP5 1,624.000
N55209503 BOWL LINER M HP5 2,013.000
N55209504 BOWL LINER F HP5 2,249.000
N55309500 MANTLE EC HP5 1,447.000
N55309501 MANTLE M/C HP5 1,635.000
N55309502 MANTLE EF/F HP5 1,697.000
N57500010 GEAR MOTOR HP5 96.000
N63004000 PINION HP5 118.500
N63400002 PISTON HP5 42.900
N64200700 FLAT BAR HP5 1.700
N72500202 MANIFOLD HP5 115.000
N74100150 WASHER LOCK HP5 10.200
N74129032 THRUST BRNG UPR HP5 29.900
N74201755 WASHER HP5 2.000
N78610002 PISTON SEAL HP5 0.240
N80500720 SUPPORT HP5 171.000
N84101519 SEAT LINER SEGMENT HP5 26.000
N84101909 PROTECTION PLATE HP5 2.200
N86150303 SPACER TUBE HP5 0.010
N86402820 FLEXIBLE HOSE 2″ LG.700 +2-2 HP5 6.800
N88010103 CYL ASSY HP5 321.000
N88100013 PISTON ROD HP5 66.400
N90198406 AIR COOLER INST HP5 191.000
N90198407 AIR COOLER INST VOLTAGE 1:HP5 UNTIL 40° HP5 310.000
N90288052 TOOL ASSY HP400-500 HP5 HP5 20.400
N98000239 FEED CONE SET HP5 34.000
N98000241 CNTRWGHT LINER SET HP5 169.800
N98000249 BOWL ASSY HP5 3,908.000
N98000263 CNTRWGHT ASSY HP5 1,223.900
N98000266 DRIVE GEAR SET HP5 248.900
N98000273 PINION SET HP5 131.100
N98000274 OIL FLINGER SET HP5 24.200
N98000277 CNTRSHFT BUSH SET HP5 44.000
N98000282 NUT SET HP5 13.900
N98000285 PISTON SET HP5 111.300
N98000286 MANIFOLD SET HP5 118.000
N98000288 FLEXIBLE HOSE SET HP5 0.700
N98000290 PRSSR ACCU SET HP5 43.500
N98000295 SEAL SET HP5 3.000
N98000297 MAIN FRAME PIN SET HP5 9.000
N98000305 MOTOR REDUCER SET HP5 99.600
N98000306 PINION SET HP5 11.600
N98000318 MANIFOLD SET HP5 10.600
N98000321 FLANGE SET HP5 1.000
N98000329 ARM GRD SET HP5 61.400
N98000330 ARM GRD SET HP5 84.200
N98000331 BUSHING SET HP5 2.300
N98000342 PRESSURE SNSR SET HP5 0.100
N98000347 DTCTR SET HP5 0.100
N98000488 HEAD ASSY HP5 2,830.300
N98000489 HEAD BUSHING SET HP5 194.000
N98000490 RING SET HP5 127.700
N98000515 CYL SET HP5 343.200
N98000524 TEMP. SENSOR SET HP5 0.500
N98000541 SOCKET SET HP5 178.700
N98000544 THRST BRNG SET UPR HP5 29.900
N98000545 ECCENTRIC ASSY HP5 872.000
N98000555 CNTRWGHT LINER SET HP5 171.500