Sandvik JM1211 UJ540 CJ612

Sunrise provide OEM spare parts / wear parts in the mining crusher market, the replacements are suit to Sandvik jaw crusher with model number:

Sandvik JM1211 crusher parts

Sandvik UJ540 crusher parts

Sandvik CJ612 crusher parts

Sunrise jaw crusher wear parts for those Sandvik crusher are made of high manganese material based on original drawing. While we can also provide customization to meet some special requirement, the Titanium Carbide material, which is short as TiC is one of typical special material. Based on testing result, the jaw crusher wear part service time could be upto 2-4 times longer than ordinary one after adding TiC material inside.

Sunrise foundry experience is more than 20 years history, we provide the replacement parts to be workable with Sandvick jaw crusher JM1211 / UJ540 / CJ612, the parts include but not limted to following list: jaw crusher pitman, jaw crusher jaw plate,  pulley wheel, tightening wedge, jaw crusher toggle seat, toggle plate, spacer, swing jaw plate, hammer screw, eccentric shaft, cheek plate, frame assembly, main shaft, mounting wedge, lock plate, front end, protection cap & plate, etc.

Refer to below sheet to check the details for Sandvik JM1211/UJ540/CJ612 jaw crusher.

Sandvik JM1211 UJ540 CJ612 jaw crusher parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
402.4239-01 SIDE LINER, UPPER    1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
402.4635-01 CHEEK PLATE LOWER 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
402.4258-00 JAW PLATE SUPT STRIP 1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
400.0444-001 STAT JAW PL COARSE CORRUG  M1   1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
400.0444-002 STAT JAW PL COARSE CORRUG  M2   1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
400.0426-001 STAT JAW PLATE HD M1 1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
400.0427-001 STAT JAW PLT MIDDLE 1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
402.4570-00 TENSIONING STRIP 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
53-267-179-000 ECCENTRIC SHAFT 1208/1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
00-813-250-086 SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARING 1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
873.1025-00 V-RING 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
00-813-249-001 SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARING 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
00-819-163-364 ADAPTER SLEEVE    AH3164H 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
400.0443-001 SWING JAW PL COARSE CORRUG  M1  1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
400.0443-002 SWING JAW PL COARSE CORRUG  M2  1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
400.0423-001 SWING JAW PLATE- HD  1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
402.2043-01 SW JAW PLATE-MIDDLE  1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
402.2320-00 TENSIONING STRIP     1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
402.4270-01 TOGGLE SEAT HOLDER   1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
402.4607-01 TOGGLE PLATE 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
402.4303-00 RETRACTION BAR L1340 1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
402.4303-91 RETRACTION BAR L=1500 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612
127.0006-27 SPRING,TENSION ROD   1211 1211JM/UJ540/CJ612