Finlay J-1160 J-1175

Sunrise Machinery Co., Ltd is ready to supply the spare parts and wear parts for below crusher:

Terex Finlay J-1160 Jaw Crusher

Terex Finlay J-1175 Jaw Crusher

Sunrise has been in the crushing aftermarket for decades, and the available spare parts & wear parts for Terex Finlay J-1160 J-1175 Jaw Crusher Parts include: jaw crusher jaw plate, jaw crusher pitman, jaw crusher cheek plate, jaw crusher eccentric shaft, jaw crusher toggle seat, toggle plate, jaw crusher spacer, protection cap, pulley wheel, jaw crusher flywheel, jaw crusher mounting wedge, roller bearing, and etc.

If you need fully guaranteed and warrantied replacement parts for your Terex Finlay J-1160 J-1175 Jaw Crusher, Sunrise Machinery is your optimized choice. Through our application-oriented, site-specific engineering capabilities, our supply of Terex Finlay J-1160 J-1175 Jaw Crusher replacement parts from virtually any source has gained acceptance and the confidence of aggregates and mining operations around the world.

Sunrise has some stock of crusher parts for Terex Finlay J-1160 J-1175 Jaw Crusher. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, our professional and friendly sales staff will help you to get the right items with full 24/7 engineering support and technical services.

Terex Finlay J-1160 & J-1175 Jaw Crusher Parts including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type
31.09.0101 SWING JAW S TOOTH J-1160
31.09.0100 FIXED JAW S TOOTH J-1160
31.09.0104 SWING JAW QUARRY J-1160
31.09.0102 FIXED JAW QUARRY J-1160
31.09.0105 SWING JAW MULTI-TOOTH J-1160
31.09.0103 SWING JAW MULTI-TOOTH J-1160
31.09.0188 UPPER LINER PLATE J-1160
31.09.0104 LOWER LINER PLATE J-1160
31.09.0112 WEDGE FIXED CHEEKS J-1160
31.10.0205 FIXED JAW QUARRY J-1175
31.10.0210 SWING JAW QUARRY J-1175
31.10.0502 CHEEKPLATE – UPPER J-1175
31.10.0506 CHEEKPLATE – LOWER J-1175
31.10.0235 WEDGE SWING JAW J-1175
31.10.0418 TOGGLE SEAT J-1175
31.10.0416 TOGGLE PLATE 590mm J-1175
31.10.0420 TOGGLE PLATE 570mm J-1175
31.10.0504 MIDDLE CHEEK PLATE J-1175
31.10.0230 SWING WEAR PLATE J-1175
31.10.1173 SWING JAW S TOOTH J-1175
31.10.1174 FIXED JAW S TOOTH J-1175
31.10.1170 SWING JAW MULTI TOOTH J-1175
31.10.0212 SWING JAW QUARRY 22% J-1175
31.10.1171 FIXED JAW MULTI TOOTH J-1175
31.10.0207 FIXED JAW QUARRY 22% J-1175